Our Team

The Visionaries Behind Kale Akte Photography

Catrina Savoie:

At the helm of Kale Akte Photography stands Catrina Savoie, serving as the President and CEO. With a remarkable journey, Catrina originally founded the agency and propelled it to unparalleled success. Her visionary leadership has garnered numerous accolades, positioning Kale Akte Photography as a pinnacle of creative excellence. Catrina’s dedication and expertise have propelled the agency to become the largest woman-owned entity in the U.S. Today, she continues to steer the company’s trajectory, now as the Chairman of the Board, ensuring its continued growth and prominence in the industry.

Ashley Zelaya:

A seasoned entrepreneur with a penchant for success, Ashley Zelaya brings a wealth of experience to Kale Akte Photography. Having owned and managed a diverse portfolio of businesses, Ashley’s expertise spans various industries. Her strategic acumen and leadership prowess have been instrumental in driving growth, shaping investment strategies, overseeing acquisitions, and fortifying corporate governance within the organization. As a Chairman and non-executive director, Ashley plays a pivotal role in charting the course for Kale Akte Photography’s future success.